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We were very pleased with the services Heather Dawson and Beth Combs provided. M. & Mrs. K.
We have purchased three properties through Susan Daley and will likely buy more. S.A.
Alice was a great help to us in selling our home within one month. She kept us informed on every step of the way and ran interference for us. She is a great asset to Trafford Realty Co., and we would highly recommend Alice to anyone interested in moving to the Brevard County area. Mr. & Mrs. M.
Celeste Rossi was a great agent! E.N.
Thank you Elaine Wichmann for helping us sell our condo. You were extremely patient and continued to advise me and my brother until he finally realized this was the best option for both of us. We were very happy with the speed and efficiency of the transaction. M.S.B.
I was very pleased with Diane Hemenways professional services. W.B.
We absolutely loved Dianne Johnson! She was so patient with us and a total trooper during this adventure! Mr. & Mrs. D.
Best experience ever. Would highly recommend Dorrine Rogers to others! C.J.B.
Diane Hemenway and Elaine Wichmann gave me great service. Always willing to help! Answered any questions I had. They are Great Agents!! T.A.
A trying experience for all. But, Susan Daley came through with the solution and got the job done! Kudos!! S.R.
Dianne Johnson has been amazing! She has held my hand and helped me get through this process. I'm so happy I picked her for my realtor. G.B
Heather Dawson was great, she did more than her job description called for. E.R.
Kris Davis was very helpful, even helping with inspection issues. T.S.
It was a pleasure working with Alice Desiongco. She went beyond the call of duty, keeping us informed at all times. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you! Mr. & Mrs. B.
Heather Dawson and Beth Combs were wonderful to work with! Very Pleased! Thank you! Mr. & Mrs. W.
Dianne Johnson is the Best! We couldn't have asked for a better experience! Mr. & Mrs. G.
Lori Cody went above and beyond to guide and assist with the selling of my fathers home of the past 56 yrs. Everything went smoothing. She was both congenial and professional. C.S & P.S.
I had the good fortune to have Kris Davis as my agent. She handled all my inquiries in a professional and complete way. She kept me abreast of each and every detail needed to have a smooth transition and easy sale. There were no hitches involved at all. Every item was handled in a quick and accurate way. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing assistance in buying or selling a home. Thank you!! B.H.
We did recommend Alice Desiongco to a friend who listed and sold his house very quickly as well! Mr. & Mrs. K
We couldn't have asked for better from Heather Dawson and Beth Combs. C.M & D.B.
Heather Dawson was phenomenal - it was a very long process for us and she remained positive and extremely helpful the entire time! Mr. & Mrs. M.
Roy Berry was persistent in getting my home successfully sold!! J.C
Both Alice Desiongco and Dorrine Rogers were great to work with. The sale of our home happened so quickly we were almost overwhelmed. Mr. & Mrs. S.
Roger Williams is very professional-knowledgeable and thorough. He is also personable; we felt we could rely on Roger to guide us through the process. Roger is great to work with and we will certainly work with him again and recommend him to others. Thank you! W.R & B.S.
Celeste Rossi and Susan Daley are delightful to work with! C.H.
Alice Desiongco is a very nice person, and very comfortable to work with. S.B
This was a pleasure. Everything was taken care of immediately and questions were answered well; very informative. Dianne Johnson has definitely been the easiest and most organized realtor I have worked with, along with her positive attitude at all times. Thank you! S.F.
If the ratings had a SUPER EXCELLENT PLUS, we would check those boxes for the level of service Kris Davis gave. Since we don't live in the area, Kris' knowledge of the local housing market helped us with making certain decisions, Her pricing strategy, in particular, addressed our situation and was right on target. M & J. W.
Alice Desiongco was Great!! We listed our home for $200,000 and sold it for $198,000. We were all very happy! J.T.
Dianne Johnson was great!! No pressure and always available. Mr. & Mrs. H.
It was a pleasure to work with Roger Williams - very helpful to getting our property sold and eager to lend a hand when needed. We will be using Roger to help us sell our Cape Canaveral property. R.K.
Dianne Johnson is truly an amazing realtor and it was such a pleasure working with her. We highly recommend Trafford Realty Co. and Dianne Johnson to our friends and Family. Great Job!! C.C. & C.C.
I have bought and sold my house with Susan Daley's assistance. Totally satisfied!! V.O.L.
We really appreciate that Roger Williams goes out of his way to do things for us, especially since we've moved out of town. He's very reliable & detailed. K.J.P.
We're so happy to have Alice Desiongco as our new agent. She went out of the way to make our purchase possible. I have already recommended her to a friend who will be moving to this area. Mr. & Mrs. A
Kris Davis made this sale a painless process from beginning to end! Mr. & Mrs. L.
I had a Fantastic experience! Susan Daley is the best of the best!!! B.I.
Diane Hemenway was a joy to work with. She kept us informed, and showed us the way!! We have already referred Diane to our dad for his future needs in selling his home! We can't thank you enough!! Mr. & Mrs. W.
Diane Hemenway was the BEST agent we ever used. She was very professional, but always made us feel like we were dealing with a caring friend. J.S. & D.W
Elaine Wichmann is not only a wonderful realtor; Professional, responsive and goes above and beyond typical realtor duties. But she is also a fine person and a warm friendly advocate for her clients. She is a great member of your team. Mr. & Mrs. W.
Alice Desiongco is Great! She called us about this property she knew we may be interested. Pro-Active and Smart! A & D. Loffert
The email and phone communication was excellent. Even though I was hundreds of miles away, I was completely confident in the arrangements and efforts made by Mr. Jay Smith. EXCELLENT Representation and Service!! D.A.
Alice Desiongco did an Awesome Job!!! Mr. & Mrs. S.
Susan Daley was wonderful through the whole process. She was recommended to me by a friend and I would certainly refer my friends to her! D.K.
Kris Davis was very helpful and returned my calls in a timely manner. Her great personality was a bonus! J.F.C
We've done business with Diane Hemenway for over ten years, and whether we were buying, selling or putting a house up for rent she has always gone above and beyond any expectation to insure a positive experience and outcome! Mr. & Mrs. W. Sr.
Kris Davis kept me well informed. She was considerate, always on time and always made a super professional appearance. K.B
I had a very pleasant experience will Roy Berry. Thank you to all! S.A.
Celeste Rossi was wonderful! Always on time, answered all questions, and very professional. We will recommend her to all our friends and family. Mr. & Mrs. H.
Diane Hemenway went above and beyond our expectations! Mr. & Mrs. L.
We achieved our goal only because of the persistence and genuine interest of Kris Davis. Kris kept in constant contact with me via texts and phone calls on a daily basis. Be assured we will keep her in mind should we ever decide to sell our home. She is a true professional who was a pleasure to work with. B.W.
Roger Williams has worked with us for 2 years, first helping us with long/short term rentals and most recently our new home. He is always available and goes above and beyond to help. We hope to never move again but, if we do Roger will know first! T.G
Dianne Johnson was a delight to work with while selling our home. We would describe Dianne as cheerful, energetic, honest, and professional. We had a very difficult time with our appraisal and closing process; however, Dianne was very patient and never pressured us to reduce our price. She stayed upbeat (motivating us to stick to our goal) and always kept us informed during the long tedious process. We ended up getting our price and couldn't be more proud of the support Dianne provided us. We wouldn't hesitate to use Dianne again or to refer her to anyone looking to buy or sell in Brevard County, Florida. Mr. & Mrs. B.
This is the best agent we have ever had. Dianne Johnson should be REALTOR of the Century!! Mr. & Mrs. O.
Roger Williams is an outstanding REALTOR. He went out of his way to help us find another investment property. This is the second time we are using Roger because of his great skills! We would surely use him again. Mr. & Mrs. A
Jay Smith was a great agent. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family. He really supported all the way through to the closing. M.C.
Jay Smith provided service as a realtor like we have never seen before. Can't imagine how anyone could do more! S.P
Jene Henderson was simply amazing! She made the whole experience life-giving and simple. She is an exceptional person and realtor. Mr. & Mrs. C.
Alice Desiongco is the Best! We would refer her to anyone! Mr. & Mrs. P.
Diane Hemenway did an excellent job! Thank you so much! S.S. & T.K.
I have known Jay for many years and have recommended him to friends. A friend of mine just sold her house through Jay and was very happy with him. I will continue to recommend Jay Smith! M.L.S.
Susan Daley is a true professional; knowledgeable, reliable, extremely competent, hard working, and well prepared. She goes above and beyond to provide service. She is a pleasure to work with. J.R.
Jay Smith was great to work with. He was knowledgeable and professional. Mr. & Mrs. D.
We couldn't have asked for better service. Every aspect of our listing to sale was handled with extreme professionalism by Susan Daley and Heather Dawson. Mr. & Mrs. R.
Dianne Johnson did an Excellent Job! J & S. K.
Heather Dawson is awesome!! C.M.
The selling of our house could not have gone any better! No agent could have been anymore friendly and professional than Jay Smith. I would recommend him in a heartbeat! J.C & R.H
Heather Dawson was amazing throughout the entire process! She was very helpful and knowledgeable. J & T D.
Susan Daley is a great Real Estate Agent. I would refer her to anyone I know who is buying in the area. She is also a very nice person. D.M.P.
Diane Hemenway is Excellent! Thank you! S.S.
Our experience with Dianne Johnson was the absolute best we could have asked for. For us, she was a shining gem in a sea of mediocrity ~ the gold standard for what real estate agents should strive to be. I believe that Dianne should be cloned so that the Real Estate industry can be brought up to the standard of excellence. Mr. & Mrs. P.
Susan Daley was the most outstanding agent we have had in any home sales. She went above and beyond in everything she did. In our eyes she is an angel on earth. Mr. & Mrs. O.
Susan Daley is an excellent Realtor. She was my life line through the whole experience. She is an angel and a beautiful person. Mr. & Mrs. D.
Heather Dawson took care of all our needs. She answered our questions and went beyond the call of duty. Heather handled the stress of this sale and "stuck to her guns." Because of her, we sold our home very quickly. We thank you very much!! Mr. & Mrs. C.
We were informed of everything that was going on from Kris Davis and we could always get in touch with her! Mr. & Mrs.. R.
Heather Dawson was so wonderful. She made the experience fun. I would recommend her to all of my friends! S.B
Jene Henderson is just Wonderful, Trustworthy and Hard Working. We are so grateful for the many stresses she saved us from! Mr. & Mrs. M
This experience couldn't have been any better. Dianne Johnson was truly outstanding!! Mr. & Mrs. T
Dianne Johnson is great, a good friend and support as well. She kept me informed and is still checking in following closing! C.S.
Diane Hemenway updated us by e-mail when new properties came on the market, gave us great advice and saved us money! We couldn't have done it without her! T.M & S.K.
Susan Daley and Diane Hemenway had knowledge of what was going on. So you didn't feel like you were in the dark. They knew what and whom to put you in contact with. J.F.W
We could not be happier with every aspect of our experience purchasing our new home. Heather Dawson is as good as they come. Thanks for everything! Mr. & Mrs. R.
I have worked with many agents. Roger Williams is the best one of them all. His patience and knowledge are first rate and his professionalism makes the home buying experience enjoyable to the buyer. Not only would I use his service again, he is my top pick. M.F.
I couldn't have done this without Heather Dawson and Susan Daley. Thank you so much! C.S.B.
Jene Henderson has a service attitude that surpasses mere professionalism. P & S G.
We had worked with Susan Daley before and sought her out when we decided to return to Brevard County. T.B
Jay Smith is an awesome agent. Great recommendations for contractors also. C.E.
Diane Hemenway is a true asset to your team. Thank you. J.R & L.R
Susan Daley and Jay Smith did a very good job for us. Thank you both! H.H.
Dianne Johnson is the Best Agent I ever worked with. Above and beyond the call of duty. Very impressive. Hope to see Dianne again soon. D.H.K
Elaine Wichmann made selling our condo into an Easy and Fun process. She did a Great Job for us! W.C. & J.C.
Elaine Wichmann was great! She kept me informed every time something new came along. I am very Grateful! S.B-P
It was just an all around wonderful experience with Elaine Wichmann. B.G.
Roger Williams was everything you could expect in a superior agent. He made the process as effortless as possible for me and ALWAYS made himself available to address my needs. I am very grateful. R.D.C-Y
Susan's experience as an agent made a HUGE difference in selling our home quickly. Thank you Susan Daley! S.M.J. & B.L.J.
Roger Williams did an excellent job for Carla and I, and we would like to Thank him and Trafford Realty Co. for all the hard work. Mr. & Mrs. R.
Susan Daley made this deal happen. Thank you Susan! T.N.H.
I couldn't have asked for a better Real Estate Agent than Kate Sonsini-Adams to work with. She was professional, helpful and an absolute delight! J.B.
I just wanted you to know and to thank Dianne Johnson on what an awesome job she did in handling the sale of our home. Dianne is a real asset to your agency and because of people like her and the rest of your team, it is easy to understand why Trafford has been around as long as it has. D.P.
Dianne Johnson was most helpful and available to show this home to me on a SUNDAY! As always Dianne went above and beyond. R.B.,Jr.
Dianne Johnson is so positive and upbeat. We felt she was doing everything she could to sell our property. We enjoyed working with her. K.C.L.
Heather Dawson was a great Real Estate Agent to work with! Mr. & Mrs. W.
Dianne Johnson should get a medal or a raise!! For being the best agent I've ever dealt with! Mr. & Mrs. M.
Diane Hemenway is very patient and was great at explaining the process. She is a hard worker and did a great job at selling our home! Mr. & Mrs. C.
Kate Sonsini-Adams is efficient, professional and a pleasure to work with. D.L.W.
Kate Sonsini-Adams is so friendly and fun to look at prospective properties with! I would work with her even if I wasn't in the market for a property! Dr. A.
Dianne Johnson is a sweetheart and a go-getter. We were happy we got her to sell our home. Mr. & Mrs. M
We couldn't have asked for a better Realtor! Lorena Backus helped guide us in finding our perfect first home. We couldn't have done this without her. T.H., Jr.
Elaine Wichmann is an asset to your company. J.A.
We took forever to find our new home, so Diane Hemenway really worked for us and this sale. She was awesome as usual. We will only change if she retires. Mr. & Mrs. C
Dianne Johnson is top notch in every respect! She was very pleasant to work with and at closing she even gave us a gift! We appreciate everything about her. Mr. & Mrs. F.
Dianne Johnson is a great asset to your company. J & J M.
Diane Hemenway was very professional and proficient with the realty services she provided to us. This sale went quick and smoothly thanks to her direction. It was a pleasure doing business with her. R.H. & L.L.
Jene Henderson is the best! She was so helpful in our search for our first home and made the experience a good one. I will definitely recommend Jene to family and friends! L.T.
Heather Dawson was amazing! As first time buyers, she made it so easy, never an unanswered question! She met with us at all times, even weekends. Can't say enough about her! Thank you Heather!! Mr. & Mrs. L.
Diane Hemenway is very knowledgeable and competent. She is trustworthy and honest and has become like a part of our family. You are very fortunate to have her as an agent. T.S.
Kris Davis is easy going, which helps when you run her all over the place! She is Great! N.C.
Susan Daley is a superior agent! Superb, delightful and professional. J.M.
Susan Daley was wonderful. It was a pleasure to work with her. M.P.B.
Heather Dawson & Roy Berry were professional and made the process easy, knew the market and good advice. Friendly and patient. Mr. & Mrs. M.
Thank you Susan Daley for providing us with your expertise, kindness and understanding on the purchase of our home. We appreciate all your help! The C. Family
Jene Henderson is a wonderful Realtor. She went above and beyond to help us. Would definitely use her in the future and recommend her. Mr. & Mrs. F.
Jene Henderson was recommended by my son. I would recommend her highly. L.B.
Roger Williams is an excellent representative of Trafford Realty Co. and of Cocoa Village. Mr. & Mrs. G
Roger Williams is the Best! He went out of his way to make our sale possible! Mr. & Mrs. A.
Diane Hemenway sold us our 1st house 12 yrs. ago, and when we wanted to sell, she was the only one we thought of. She is patient and available for us on short notice. We enjoy having her as our agent. Mr. & Mrs. B
We would be glad to work with Susan Daley again. She is and was very helpful. Thank you Susan Daley! Y. Family
Elaine Wichmann was a pleasure. She was knowledgeable and efficient. R & P B.
Susan Daley has been a pleasure to work with! J.M.Y
Dianne Johnson is a joy to work with! She is positive, energetic, knowledgeable and was completely on my side through the whole buying process! Her organization with all my files was also immaculate. I would never use another realtor! She is the best! L.G.
Diane Hemenway is a wonderful individual to work with she handled everything in style from start to finish. M.H.
Heather Dawson was there for me all the way and kept me very informed. She even worked on Sunday's. W.G.L.
Lori Cody was a wonderful agent. She was caring, thoughtful and yes the advice she gave us was welcoming and proved to be extremely worth while as the home sold in 4 days. E.G
We felt Elaine Wichmann treated us as though we were her only customers. We felt she valued us as clients and handled the sale with expertise. Thank you so much. H.R. & J.P.
What a great experience! I would not want to use anyone else but Jene Henderson. She was awesome! Mr. & Mrs. C.
Susan Daley is a great agent. She gives helpful advice without pressure. She is really great! I.A.G.
This is the fifth time I have used Elaine Wichmann for our real estate needs. I think that alone speaks for the great asset she is to her clients and Trafford Realty Co. C.S.
Lori Cody did an excellent job. If we ever need an agent again, she's our GIRL! R & R.K
Lorena is super!! Thanks to her I purchased a new condo and sold my old one. B.H.
I was very satisfied with Jay Smith's excellent service. He is a Nice Guy! M.S.
Dianne Johnson was very courteous and went out of her way to accommodate our schedules and requests. Very professional and extremely considerate. Mr. & Mrs. M
Diane Hemenway is extremely committed, supportive, caring & professional. She never hesitated to answer any questions or phone calls. She is an outstanding agent and new friend! Mr. & Mrs. B
We were so impressed with Elaine Wichmann to be able to sell our condo 2 days after listed and close in 30 days. She is a true professional that knows her industry. Mr. & Mrs. D.
Susan Daley was very good at her job, and we will use her again. J.H.
Susan Daley has represented us several times. She is a great representative of the Trafford brand! Mr. Y

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