Housing Economists say the housing market will continue heating up in 2018. Buyers need to begin talking to mortgage lenders before searching for a home. Plan to talk to 3 different Lenders and ask them to do a pre-qualification for you. A Lender will do this for  you at No Charge.


Do not be swayed by the rates quoted and advertised. Additional fees will be included to offset a Lenders low advertised rate. Also ask a Lender what loan program may be best for you. Veterans are eligible for a $0 down payment as well as USDA loans in designated areas. FHA loans require smaller down payments than a conventional loan.


When you have a letter of loan qualification then set an appointment with a REALTOR to find a home that meets your needs and is priced within the guidelines of the Lender that you feel is the best for you. Take your Pre-Approved letter with you to the meeting with the REALTOR.  The letter will serve as notice to a seller that you can afford his home and can close the deal